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Street Fighter X Tekken stuff, and your opinion of Marvel vs Capcom 3

Well it's been forever since I've seen anything new posted or posted anything new, so since Marvel vs Capcom 3 completely slid by unposted I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the game. I personally enjoy it, although I must admit part of my enjoyment stems mainly from beating on Devil May Cry's protagonist Dante with Resident Evil arch-villain Albert Wesker. Music-wise I love the game, and Galactus as the final boss gives it a very epic feeling that has been lacking since the first title's Onslaught battle. All in all a very fan-service filled game that's easy to play and fun! Now where's that Capcom vs SNK 3 lol...

Speaking of new games, Capcom has been working on Street Fighter X Tekken, and I must say it looks good. Chun Li vs Nina, Ryu vs Kazuya, Ken vs Bob, it's another crossover title that looks way too good to be missed! The more I find on this game, the more I'll post.
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