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U. Rugal Unlocked [25 Mar 2013|12:41am]

I had a crappy day today. I won't go into detail. But it wasn't until 10 minutes ago that I actually was able to have a great time to forget about this horrid Sunday.

I was so pissed that I wanted to beat someone, so I played Capcom vs. SNK 2 on regular difficulty an using my faveorite team of Sagat, Joe Higashi, and King on a 3 on 3 setting. I was kicking fighter butt al the way, barely was defeated against Terry Bogard, but nmy mood was as such, not even the Mid Boss Geese Howard wit ha 4 Ratio was able to stop my fury.

The last bout was easy enough, and of course, it unlocked one of two of the hardest final characters you confront at their worst, luckily, it was U. Rugal, since if it was Shin Akuma, my mood wouldn't gotten better.

Right off the bat, I started with Sagat and with just some few punches and kicks, I brought Rugal down to 1/4 of his health before he defeated him. With Joe it was just a couple more moves and it was over, with a triumphant ORA ORA! I was treatd with the true ending to that game including a mini Epilogue of all three characters. Best of all, I got my top score of 2057.47 Groove points in first place, and U. Rugal is now unlocked to be a total godmodder.

Who knows, maybe I will be able to beat Shin Akuma to get the whole set next time.

Oh, I used the N Groove BTW.
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Street Fighter Alpha 2- Sakura vs. Ryu [06 Feb 2013|04:51pm]


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I know, it's the only thing I seem to talk about... [30 Jan 2013|03:53pm]

It's been a while since I've posted anything new, but I couldn't help but share the news since I mentioned that I would keep people in the loop. Of course, I'm pretty terrible at that sort of thing and it might be old news by this point, but hey!

Chaos Code has finally got a console release!

Now, before you get too excited, you have to know that it's only on PS3 and for some reason I doubt it'll be on Xbox. It's also a downloadable title and not disc-based, but that's good in a way, because you'll need to make a Hong Kong account in order to actually download it. It's actually quite simple, especially since you can leave the language settings to English (unlike the Japanese one), and the only part left after that is getting yourself a Hong Kong PSN card for $200 HKD. It sounds like a lot, but it's only about $30 USD/CAD on Play-Asia. That and you get the code instantly, and SHABAM! you're in business.

I am currently in the process of downloading, so I haven't played it yet, but I've heard that while there is currently no netplay, they will be patching it in in the future. Here's hoping it's not as awful as the netplay in Chaos Breaker (Dark Awake)...

EDIT: Apparently there are plans for international releases (North America, Japan), so if don't want to play this awesome game RIGHT NOW or are too afraid to make a different account/buy PSN cards online, you can always wait.
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Street Fighter Classics: Sagat vs. Ryu (Street Fighter Alpha 2) [18 Dec 2012|01:39pm]

I absolutely love using Sagat in SF2 because his last match against Ryu echoes the one shown in the SH2 Anime movie...

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Street Fighter Alpha 3, Session with Sakura, Part 1 [20 Nov 2012|02:08pm]


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Ken vs. The Grandmasters [16 Nov 2012|11:50am]

Did a video session using Ken to battle the four bosses in Street Fighter 2 PLus, which is the Megadrive version of SF2 SCE edition for the Sega Genesis. Had to kept fighting Bison at the end to get a victory being that he is a bastard in this edition of the game however.

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Street Figther 2 SCE Bonus Stages [09 Oct 2012|12:53pm]

The version for the Megadrive/Genesis was as close to the arcade than the SNES version. The only notible difference was one of the Bonus Stages where the Oil Drums were replaced by a brick pyramid in a warehouse. Y'know, actually that seems a lot better...

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Defeat E. Honda and Birdie the EZ way [28 Sep 2012|11:21am]

How to beat Birdie and E. Honda the EZ way in Street Fighter Alplha 3. You may get up to two Perfects on each character if done correctly.

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Super Pony Fighter 2 Turbo: Champion Edition [22 Sep 2012|01:22pm]

I made this video using Tekken 5's "Who's affraid of..." and added some fighting pony images as a parody of a fighting game. I know they are already working on a fighting game version of the current show but who knows when they will ever bother to finish it to be honest.

Enjoy the parody.

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Fighting games? [17 May 2012|10:46pm]


I am currently playing my ps2 games of Guilty Gear X, King of Fighters 2002/2003, Tekken Tag Tournament, Dead or Alive 2 , and classic Street Fighter 2 versions on my Capcom Classics collection.


When I feel like it, Ill plug my Dreamcast to play Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter 3, Third Strike, King of Fighters '98 and '99, Capcom vs. SNK, and Soul Calibur.


Anyone  here still play fighting games?

Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.

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Glitches X Infinites [27 Mar 2012|01:21pm]


As you are all no doubt aware, these are not the Evo 2012 finals (they haven't happened yet) but just a bunch of Japanese players screwing around. It does make for a humorous title though. Maybe we should try getting Hokuto No Ken or Sengoku Basara X into Evo. SBX is almost Capcom. It'd work!

So who's all been playing this wonderful game?
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Guilty Gear on PS3 and Xbox [29 Feb 2012|01:00pm]


It's pretty far into the thread, but apparently it's official. Accent Core Plus is actually going to be available on PSN and XBL, which means more online fightan shenanigans.

What do you think, people? Is this good news?
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PS Vita [02 Jan 2012|04:51pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Not since 2004 has Sony released a newly designed handheld until now. The PS Vita is set to be released on Feb. 22, 2012 for N. America, Europe, and Australia. The device is fully backwards-compatible with PSP games digitally released on the PlayStation Network via the PlayStation Store. Sony's newest product is equipped with analog sticks, a 5" multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, and front and back VGA cameras. The PS Vita will support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology and starts at $249. If you're looking for Wi-Fi and 3G support a more expensive model ($299) will also be released. With the games starting between $30-$40 you can experience hours of game play with: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, LittleBigPlanet and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, just to name a few.

Well, that's all I have for now.
Happy Gaming!

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Skullgirls [11 Dec 2011|11:04pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Initially I was going to post about King of Fighters: XIII, but Skullgirls was brought to my attention. Set to be realeased in early 2012 and Developed by Reverge Labs, this high paced 2-D fighter has the most frames of animation per character of any fighting game. This newcomer is already gaining popularity and quite the attention in the gaming community. Set to be released on the PS3 and Xbox360 the game promises to appeal to from the competitive gamer to the casual gamer. Classic six-button game play with of course means it includes special moves and an anti-infinite combo system to keep competitive game play from being abusive. So far only eight characters will be available to play at launch with more unlockables set to come. My favorite part about learning about this work in progress has to be that Michiru Yamane will be composing the music for Skullgirls. She's well known for her work on Konami's Castlevania series, which of course I'm also a huge fan.

Click the link for more info about Skullgirls.

I'm out for now, but I assure you all I'll start updating on a regular basis again. Just trying to get back into the swing of things ;) Happy gaming!

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Chaos Code released! [10 Aug 2011|10:52am]

Alright, so I'm 6 days late to the party but...


It's only released in arcades right now, so any chances of it having a console release will definitely have to wait. Then again, Chaos Breaker/Dark Awake sat in arcades for 6 years before it finally got a console port, but hey, we're being optimistic, right? Right?

I found footage of a "Slow Starter" tournament from release day, but I'm not sure how much you all want to see 26 minutes of people who really suck at the game. I'll post if anyone's interested.
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La * Cachora! [18 May 2011|01:51pm]

Chaos Code had its final location test a while back, so that means the game should be out in the not-too-distant future. It'll probably be a PC release like most of the doujin fighters out there, so anyone (or just one person) waiting for a console release will be sorely disappointed. Sorry, man.

I've been playing a lot of King of Fighters 2002 lately for some reason and started playing with Kula a bit. She seems to have a lot of crazy juggles and a lot of things are just... really easy to do. Am I the only one who thinks so? It seems impossible for me to remain focused on any one game for an extended period of time, but I should try to get into that habit one of these years. Ah well.

So how did everyone survive the PSN/GGPO drought? Any exciting plans for the long weekend?

Maybe next time I'll write something worthwhile.
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Street Fighter X Tekken stuff, and your opinion of Marvel vs Capcom 3 [20 Apr 2011|12:22pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Well it's been forever since I've seen anything new posted or posted anything new, so since Marvel vs Capcom 3 completely slid by unposted I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the game. I personally enjoy it, although I must admit part of my enjoyment stems mainly from beating on Devil May Cry's protagonist Dante with Resident Evil arch-villain Albert Wesker. Music-wise I love the game, and Galactus as the final boss gives it a very epic feeling that has been lacking since the first title's Onslaught battle. All in all a very fan-service filled game that's easy to play and fun! Now where's that Capcom vs SNK 3 lol...

Speaking of new games, Capcom has been working on Street Fighter X Tekken, and I must say it looks good. Chun Li vs Nina, Ryu vs Kazuya, Ken vs Bob, it's another crossover title that looks way too good to be missed! The more I find on this game, the more I'll post.

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[08 Feb 2011|04:03pm]

Has anyone played an online match of KOFXII and ran into players who do nothing but stand there pressing a kick button and nothing else?
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[07 Feb 2011|09:40pm]

Anybody interested in starting a clan on KOF12 for the PS3?
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